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Our Company

Medical Products Hub (MPH) is a reliable bulk wholesaler of Medical Supplies and Personal Protective Equipement (PPE) that provides a safe end-to-end solution for clients seeking: bulk purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), other medical supplies and safety products, for deliver anywhere in the world.

Medical Products HUB (MPH) supports:

Bulk medical and health product purchasing for Retailers and other Wholesalers, Government, Hospitals, Aged Care, Not for Profits and their approved suppliers who are looking for quality products at a fixed price, from a group with the capability to deliver products globally.

Our “Mission” is to deliver medical products and personal protective equipment in volume at a fair price.

The Medical Products Hub (MPH) is an approved supplier to the World Health Organization and the United Nations. We act as local Sponsor and/or Distributor under Regulatory Approvals from FDA, TGA and EU.

Medical Products Hub (MPH) is Australian owned and a division of Nihao Global Corporation Limited ( with operations in Asia. The company has been involved in procurement of products in the health sector since 2013 and its founders have a long history in the global supply of products dating back 30 years.

Fixed Price Guarantee

Medical Products Hub (MPH) underwrites the total cost of the product and its delivery on a fixed price basis, thereby reducing the risk of logistics costs and profit reduction for purchasers who on-sell or for groups who have a fixed price budget.

Export, Import & Logistics

Medical Products Hub (MPH) is an end-to-end service that can export and deliver to all parts of the globe through its suppliers and partnerships with key logistics companies such as DSV, TOLL, DHL, and others. Our products are stored at various locations across the globe either directly by Medical Products HUB (MPH) and our network partners or with our manufacturing partners.


Medical Products Hub (MPH) reviews each factory in detail we purchase from. We undertake 4 core steps in our review and inspection program:

Step 1: Physical site visit, management meeting, and factory inspection;

Step 2: Review & background checks of government notice review & credit review;

Step 3:  Product review and quality review using independent inspection groups;

Step 4: Loading inspections again using independent third parties such as SGS and/or Audit inspection by a major accounting firm with the relevant experience where required.

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