Supplier Access

To access the Medical Products Hub, suppliers need to go through the application process on this page. To complete the application you need to complete and submit the form on this page, which includes reading and electronically signing our Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Agreement.

Upon completion of the form we will send an acknowledgement of receipt and once being approved by the Medical Products HUB we shall enable access for completion of our General Checklist for Manufacturers and Agents.


  • The details you provide will be verified prior to your access to the Medical Products HUB.
  • Access to the Medical Products HUB is FREE for Registered Parties.
  • Upon completion of the verification (in approx. 24 hours), you will receive the General Checklist for Manufacturers & Agents (GCMA) for completion.
  • Upon completion and review of the GCMA the formal Access and Collaboration Agreement will be sent, which will be required to be accepted & signed.
  • Once the agreement is duly completed and returned, your product will be automatically loaded to the Medical Products HUB to sell to clients.
  • Cost are only incurred when confirmation of a formal purchase order for Products under the HUB is made.
  • The Mutual Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Agreement is to protect both parties involved.

Supplier Access Onboarding Form